Purchase fraction of shares, of medal winning stallions and earn returns from stallion semen sales.

We are enabling a billion millennials globally, own high production virtual farms, by investing in special and rare agricultural commodities grown/raised on organic farms.


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Asset selection

We carefully select farms and farmers/producers we work with, based on the standards of their operation, and their production methods. 

We then pick the top 1-2% of their produce for listing consideration on our marketplace.

Asset research

Following provisional selection of asset to list on marketplace, we conduct research on previous performance of similar assets' produce in the market. This helps us make projections of returns, guided by historical data. If historical data trends indicate positive returns, we approve the asset for listing on marketplace.

Asset listing

When asset has been approved for listing, we add it on marketplace, providing information of allocated shares up for purchase, price per share and detailed information about asset's origins - tracing information of vaccines administered to asset, genetic profile and it's traceable identification. 

Get investing

Once asset is live, customers can begin purchasing fraction of shares in an asset. We provide customers with 24/7 online chat support, to help through the process of purchasing shares. We also provide customers with their investment insights report on a weekly or monthly basis, to monitor their portfolio and returns growth.