Experience the real bull market

Invest in bull semen futures and earn between 21.9% and 38.6% annualized returns for 5 years.

We are enabling a billion people globally, own high production virtual farms, by investing in special and rare agricultural commodities grown/raised on organic farms.

Benefits of investing with 3DIMO

Mitigate climate change

All the farmers/ producers we work with practice regenerative farming which restores soil health and increases organic matter over time to ultimately achieve carbon sequestration to protect the planet.

Market opportunity

66% of 47 thousand dairy farms & 10% of 700 thousand beef farms in US use artificial insemination (AI) annually to increase production predisposition and quality. With AI process growing rapidly in emerging markets; investing in bull semen today can earn 3.7x returns in 5 years.

Asset security

All the livestock assets are kept safely at well secured stud labs and are fully vaccinated timeously against common diseases. Our producers provide asset guarantee that ensures asset is replaced in the instance that a bull encounters health challenges that affect its productivity.

Virtual farm ownership

Get access to a personalized virtual farm with a portfolio of invested assets. In virtual farm, customer gets insights of their asset performance, returns growth and market trends. We also provide opportunity for customers to market and sell their shares in assets to other customers on marketplace.

For every 100 USD spent on our investment marketplace, it returns 4 USD to smallholder cattle farmers in emerging markets.

Impact of investing with 3DIMO


Enabling production certainty and consistency among emerging cattle farmers in Africa

Africa faces extremely low cattle productivity levels; this is caused by limited availability of feed and increasing cattle disease emergence & spread that incapacitate a lot of production cattle. 
For many cattle farmers, to reach high production growth requires acquisition of production bulls. Although, bulls play a significant role in the production cycle, they are the biggest cost contributors for farmers. Their costs annually include cost of bull acquisition, maintenance and risk of bull loss. The costs could amount to $1000  - $1400 per bull per annum which is a risky investment by farmers because of bull loss risk due to death, injury and infertility.

The use of Artificial Insemination has been proven to be impactful in driving production levels because the semen used comes from superior bulls that have been genetically evaluated for production quality. This enables farmers to achieve predictable and consistent high quality production. This enables farmers to produces at 45% less costs that natural process of using owned bull.

Investment in superior production bulls, carefully selected for their genetic quality increases supply of good semen in the market and opens global distribution opportunities into emerging markets like Africa, to help increase cattle production and access to rich animal protein.