3DIMO provides performance optimization and injury reduction solutions for sport athletes; to ensure that their careers are secured, and for clubs to ensure that their investments are secured.



3DIMO is a sport tech company fusing deep learning in sport performance science, data science and industrial design; to build products and provide services to sport athletes and clubs that guarantees performance optimization and injury reduction in athletes and security of sport clubs' biggest investments - athletes.



Research focused on new emerging areas of discovery in football, such as AI & IOT applications in performance optimization

Performance & positional data analysis. Injury video analysis. Game theory modeling and analysis

Development of new performance tracking devices and stress sensing wearable for injury risk detection

Sport has evolved to being the greatest form of entertainment globally. The level of competitiveness has been on a continuous rise throughout the years and sport still shows frontiers of impeccable growth in the
On the positive; the growth in sport has resulted in revenue growth for sport clubs and athletes, and thus making a career in sport, a keen ambition for many young people. On the negative; the exponential growth in sport has resulted in intense pressure being put on athletes to perform at their highest peak level ever. High performance means that athletes become more prone to injuries, because of the risks they take during training and in games. To make sure that they defend their team's glory or deliver glory for their teams. The conviction to be the best, give the best may also result in the greatest setback in an athlete's career and life.
With athletes' careers at threat and clubs' investments at threat, the conversation about injury early detection and prevention has grown from research to a growing business area that has growing opportunities.



Optimizing performance and reducing injury risk.

Offering personalized physical and technical performance analysis.

Providing game theory design, modeling and analysis.

Connecting athletes with sport specific medical professionals, coaches and sport scientists.


If you are obsessed with football and have a sound background in:
  • Sport Science
  • Sport Biokinetics
  • Football data analysis
  • Mathematics
  • Software Engineering
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Physics
Explore interesting opportunities in our company and in the world of football innovation.


Tel: +27 60 437 1521

Office 7 Market-up, 21 van Beek str

New Doornfontein, JHB, 2094



Tel: +27 60 437 1521

7 Market-up, 21 van Beek str

New Doornfontein, 2094

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