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Invest in the world's top 1% livestock

Get fractional ownership in high yield, agricultural alternative asses

Democratizing agricultural commodity investing by enabling people globally equitably invest in top 1% of the best organically raised livestock in the world.

3DIMO provides an investment marketplace that facilitates purchasing of fraction of shares in rare high performance animals such as sired bulls and customers earning returns from the sale of their semen.

Better returns

Bull semen return yield average of 30.24% in annualized returns; better than most assets.

Stable returns

Earn predictable returns from revenue generated from semen sales.

Low volatility

Our assets are not tied to traditional markets that experience fluctuations, such as stocks. Thus providing uncorrelated returns.

Transparent reporting

Get transparent monthly reports on asset performance & market performance.
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1. Sign up

Create an account on Thola investment marketplace, and view bulls to invest in.

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2. Make an investment

Select a bull - select fraction of allocated shares to purchase - select investment lock-up period. Purchase shares in the bull.

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3. Get a virtual farm

Get a virtual farm with personalized insights of all your investments and projected returns. Including support on managing your virtual farm.

Contact us

1 Sansome street, Suite 3500, San Francisco, CA 94104 

info@3d-imo.com  |  Tel: +1 415 323 8521

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